Meg Toohey- "Lucky Streak" (2020)

“Getting to sing on Meg Toohey’s gorgeous tribute to our friend Nick was a
gift,” said Bareilles. “I wept as I sang. This song is cathartic...beautiful and
bittersweet, and speaks of the pain of love and loss and the gentle universal
truth that we must hold it all lightly and enjoy our lucky streaks; these
perfectly imperfect lives. What a song.”​


Listen to Meg's 

Lucky Streak Demo

Lucky Streak Demo

Meg Toohey- "Butch" (2020)


"Toohey has always had a great sense of melody, a quality that remains strong on Butch.  Her music conveys a sense of comfort, even when she’s singing about heartbreak.  While her songs are rooted in Americana, they are laced with the indie rock vibe of the music I remember from the Boston days.  It’s an intoxicating combination. "


The Cold And Lovely- What Will I Become (2015)

“The cozy sonics of the 90s—replete with vast reverb, driving basslines, and lush, girlish vocals …”


The Cold And Lovely- Ellis Bell (2014)

"Mixed and Mastered by Dave Cooley (M83, The Silversun Pickups), the release features driving rock tunes that are as heartbreaking as they are anthemic."


The Cold And Lovely- Ellis Bell (2013)

Debut album featuring an all star/ all girl band : Nicole Fiorentino- bass (Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt) Patty Schemel- drums (HOLE)


The So And So's  Ellis Bell (2004)

"These are songs of experience, heavy with edge and plump with hooks, and the collection unfolds with the sort of clear, complex vision"